Jungle drake

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Jungle drake
A jungle drake.

Jungle drakes are a species of jungle-dwelling venomous drakes related to green dragons, and possess poisonous stingers and bites.1


A jungle drake is lean, muscular and rugged, mottled in blue and green. Its elongated tail ends in a stinger. A jungle drake measures 14 feet and weighs around 2,100 pounds.2


Jungle drakes prefer to hunt using hit-and-run attacks, and can move swiftly through jungle foliage. When faced with a group of creatures, they tend to pick off the weaker member to drag into the jungle to consume.1 They also inject prey with their toxin, letting it debilitate enemies before re-emerging and snatching foes into the jungle. Against foes too strong, jungle drakes prefer to let natural hazards wear them down before striking and then fleeing with their food.2


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