Chromatic dragon

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Chromatic dragons are true dragons, usually of evil-alignment, as opposed to the good-aligned metallic dragons. Most chromatic dragons simply seek to quench their endless lust for treasure, food, and bloodshed. The scales of these dragons all match the color given in the name.1


The evil god Dahak initially created the metallic dragons to hunt for sport. Apsu entered the Material Plane in order to end Dahak's reign of terror. However, Tiamat saw Dahak as a son and wanted him spared. In a deal to save Dahak, Tiamat healed some of the wounded metallic dragons, creating the original chromatic dragons.2

Species of chromatic dragons

  • black dragon, swamp-dwelling, with a line of acid as a breath weapon3
  • blue dragon, lives in warm deserts and breathes a line of electricity3
  • green dragon, dwells in temperate forests and breathes a cone of acid3
  • red dragon, the most powerful of the chromatics, lives in warm mountains and breathes a cone of fire3
  • white dragon, the least intelligent of the chromatic dragons, dwells in cold mountains and breathes a cone of cold3


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