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A cecaelia.

Cecaelias are proud, unpredictable sentient hybrids of humans and octopuses who dwell in Golarion's warm seas and oceans.1


A female cecaelia.

The humanoid torsos of cecaelias are diverse in nature, but they typically resemble nearby land-dwelling humanoids, a trait scholars believe is an adaptive trait over one or two generations similar to camouflage. Cecaelias stand 6 feet tall on land and weigh about 200 pounds.2


In a manner similar to an octopus, a cecaelia can emit a cloud of dark ink while underwater. Their tentacles are also sensitive enough to act as sensory organs, albeit only when under intense focus.3


Cecaelias live in the depths of seas and oceans near coastlines, sometimes claiming landmarks such as coral atolls as territory.14 They generally live to be 60 years old.2

On Golarion

Cecaelias are known to live in Xidao;4 the Shackles island of Besmara's Throne;5 in the Arcadian, Embaral, Obari, and Okaiyo oceans; and the Inner and Steaming seas.1


While they lack evidence for such claims, many cecaelias tell stories of their race ruling a nautical empire spanning the Embaral Ocean's depths, with an underwater city named Sihuw at its center. They claim that their current nomadic state is of their own choosing, having grown bored with rulng the seas.1


Cecaelias live in roaming bands and tribes, often as coastal and reef hunters or scavengers who trade with land-dwellers. Others live as pirates or mercenaries.1 Some groups are led by a chieftain, though their volatile natures mean such leadership is sometimes short-lived.4

Most do not wear clothing or armor, though they often carry backpacks made of woven seaweed, and those who do wear armor prefer light-weight and flexible equipment.2 They domesticate rays for use as underwater pack animals.1

Relationships with land-dwellers

Trade is important to cecaelias, who are curious about their surroundings but wary of strangers. They willingly trade seafood and treasures they find underwater for goods not easily found underwater.6

To land dwellers, however, cecealias often seem short-tempered, in part because they quickly dismiss many types of diplomacy as plots to deceive them.2 Land-dwellers also consider them to be hyperbolic exaggerators prone to lies and bravado (if sometimes endearingly so).1

Relationships with ocean-dwellers

Cecaelias count locathahs among their allies, but hate krakens despite their similar physiology, and consider krakens' squid-like bodies inferior and ugly compared to their octopoid forms.1

They view gillmen as competitors and pillagers,7 and count devilfish, grindylows, and iku-tursos among their enemies.1


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