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A munavri.
Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any underground (Sightless Sea)
Adjective munavri
Images of munavris

Source: Darklands Revisited, pg(s). 34–39

Munavris are telepathic sailors of the Sightless Sea in Orv, a body of water deep in the Darklands, and inhabit the islands scattered through the sea. They are one of the few primarily good races inhabiting this vast underground realm of Golarion.[1][2]

Munavris are often clad in jade armor.[3] They sail on ivory ships with purple sails, and use their naval skills to fight urdefhan and alghollthus.[1][2][4][5]


The munavris, like many other humanoids of the Darklands, descend from survivors of the destruction of Azlant. Their ancestors were sailors and mariners who plied the seas around Azlant when Earthfall struck, and were subsequently abducted and carried by the alghollthus into the depths of Orv by means of the Braid, the great waterspout connecting the Arcadian Ocean and the Sightless Sea.[5]

In Orv, the munavris' ancestors first settled on various islands scattered throughout the Sightless Sea, over time growing increasingly pale but avoiding the degeneration that turned other Azlanti survivors into the mongrelmen and morlocks, or the dark pacts that created the dark folk. However, they were soon driven from their initial homes by relentless attacks by the alghollthus and their skum armies. The early munavris eventually found shelter on floating jade islands, which repelled the alghollthus through means not known to them and which remain the location of their major settlements into the present day. A combination of exposure to the Darklands' radiations, the alghollthus' attacks, and the mystical influences of the jade islands eventually caused the munavris to develop their current telepathic abilities.[5]


The munavris' ancestors abandoned the worship of the old Azlanti gods shortly after their exile to the Darklands, as most had either died or become unresponsive after the cataclysm that destroyed Azlant. Instead, they turned to the worship of the empyreal lords, particularly the azatas. The religious hierarchy of Munavri communities is dominated by three figures known as the agathum, the archum and the azatum, among whom the azatum typically holds the greatest influence in the settlement.[5]


Paizo published a major article about munavris in Darklands Revisited.

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