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Matriarchy of loosely affiliated city states
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 44

The Tian Xia nation of Xidao is unique in that it is an underwater kingdom located beneath of waves of the Xidao Gulf, which separates Minkai from the mainland.12


Yixing founded Bachuan in 589 AR with the purpose of controlling trade with Xidao.3 Despite relative peace with surface nations, Xidao has long warred with the hostile creatures in the Aya-Maru trench, particularly frequent raids by its fractured tribes of merrows and sahuagin and rare appearances from krakens.1

The tremendous typhoon that struck Wanshou in 4611 AR dredged the elder kraken Zhanagorr from the depths of Xidao.45 In 4710 AR, the relationship between Xidao and neighbouring Minkai was strained by a large increase in the amount of unexplained disappearances of ships sailing across the Xidao Gulf.4


Xidao exists almost entirely underwater, with the exception of stone trade spires built on small reefs and atolls that reach the surface. It encompasses all of the Xidao Gulf except the 3-mile-deep Aya-Maru trench that runs down its center.12

Also included are the wai-gaa, clods of mud dislodged from the gulf's floor by gases that surface and become temporary floating islands. Some wai-gaa include parts of ancient structures,12 while others bear undead shipwreck victims and strange creatures. Wai-gaa are prone to sinking as quickly as they arise and with little warning, dragging any explorers on their surface with them into the gulf's depths.1


Its primary inhabitants are locathahs, but there are also populations of cecaelias and tritons. Each dwell in small city-states allied for mutual protection, and trade with air breathers through their many trade spires.12


Locathahs are Tian Xia's primary speakers of Thalassic, and those who trade with Xidao often learn it.16 Likewise, some of Xidao's residents speak Tien.1


Xidao's inhabitants worship Hei Feng, god of the sea; Nalinivati, goddess of nagaji; Qi Zhong, god of magic; and various demigods.1


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Xidao is comprised of many autonomous city-states, all of which are parties to a mutual defense treaty. While the nation has no formal head of state, the ruler of Yashabaru traditionally commands its citizens' respect. The current ruler, High Matriarch Urakadussi, could likely command most of the nation into battle if necessary.1

Relationships with other nations

Some of Xidao's neighbors consider its control of the Xidao Gulf a threat, while Xidao considers kraken-ruled Wanshou particularly threatening.5 As of 4710 AR, frequent shipwrecks on the Xidao Gulf have also strained the nation's relationship with Minkai.4

However, Xidao enjoys a healthy trading relationship with Kwanlai, which also considers Wanshou an enemy.7


Xidao trades in art, including coral, jewelry, and pearls; seafood; and treasures retrieved from the seafloor. It also trades with surface dwellers for valuables such as ceramics, gold, and glass, metal tools and weapons, and vegetables.1


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