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A lashunta astride her saurian shotalashu mount.
Type Humanoid
CR By character class
Environment Any (Castrovel)
Adjective Lashunta
Images of lashunta

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 25
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The primary humanoid inhabitants of the planet Castrovel are the lashunta,[1] who live in an educated, civilized matriarchal society.[2]


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Lashunta women constantly plot and maneuver for political positions within their scattered city-states,[2][3] each of which is ruled by a woman either elected to or inheriting her position. These connections are strengthened through trade alliances, interbreeding, and defense pacts, with conflict typically limited to feuds over honor and ceremonial combat.[3]

Lashunta have their own language, also called Lashunta,[4] and rely on telepathic and magical communication between their city-states.[3] They discovered and understood the interplanetary portals that link their planet to others long ago, and formed a particularly close bond to the inhabitants of Akiton.[5]

Sexual dimorphism

A lashunta woman watches over a city-state from her shotalashu mount.

Lashunta women look like idealized humans or elves,[4][2] and many people of other races cite them as the most beautiful humanoids of Golarion's solar system.[5] The protection of their settlements also falls to lashunta women, and bands of shotalashu-mounted lashunta warriors constantly fight rampaging fauna and formians that encroach on their civilization.[2][5][3]

Lashunta men are a stark contrast to the race's powerful, shapely women. They stand barely half the height of their female counterparts, are nearly twice as broad, and are covered in hair. Despite their rugged appearance and impulsiveness in battle, they can be just as intelligent as lashunta women and often have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.[2][4][5]


Due to Castrovel's warmth and humidity, few lashunta wear any more clothing than is necessary to complete a task.[5]

Connections with shotalashu

Lashunta warriors form close telepathic bonds with their shotalashu mounts, making them incredibly effective mounted combatants. When a bonded shotalashu or rider dies, the surviving party suffers lasting emotional trauma.[6]

Psychic ability

All lashunta see the pursuit of mental perfection as an admirable goal which has, over the generations, developed into keen psionic powers in many members of this austere race.[2][7][4]

Such lashunta have natural telekinetic and telepathic abilities, which are especially prevalent among lashunta warriors who telepathically bond with their telepathically sensitive shotalashu mounts.[4][6] These innate capabilities help make Castrovel the solar system's dominant home of psychics.[7]

On Golarion

A lashunta tribe known as the Lotus-Eaters was collected by the crew of the strike starship Divinity after it entered Golarion's solar system and stopped by Castrovel to collect rainforest-dwelling life to resupply one of its habitat pods. The lashunta were then placed in stasis, and remained there when the starship crashed into modern Numeria. Millennia later, a Technic League captain—a half-elf named Prosser—discovered and revived them during an expedition into the Silver Mount, establishing a village within the isolated habitat dome with himself as its chieftain.[8]

Lady Altouna, the ruler of the Numerian city of Hajoth Hakados, is a lashunta who arrived in the city while fleeing from the Technic League. However, most of the city's residents believe her to be a half-elf, a cover that she maintains to avoid drawing unwanted attention to herself.[9]


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