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Source: The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 122ff.

Shisks are a very private humanoid race native to the mountainous regions of the Mwangi Expanse. They live underground in the caves and tunnels within the mountains. Shisks are avid collectors of strange and rare knowledge, which they feel the need to protect. Indeed, their seeking new knowledge is likely the reason for any rare meeting with a shisk in the outside world.1


Shisks have dark skin and obvious quills made from hollow bone making them weigh a lot less than they look, though they are unable to fly. Their eyes are shades of warm colors. Vampire-like fangs are a notable aspect of their faces.1


Shisks make excellent bards and wizards, as they excel at focus and long hours of study. Those who leave and venture into other societies to learn are also great fits for the investigator class.2


Though rarely encountered, shisks infrequently ask for material goods in trade but are more interested in information and arts. They never give away information for goods.1

Between different communities of shisks, there may grow a paranoia that can erupt into serious clashes, even war, over their information. There is no evidence of shisks warring over territory or resources, like other humanoid races regularly do. Fortunately, on a few occasions, wiser shisk heads have brought shisk communities together and in such larger groups, sometimes great puzzles of Golarion have been readily solved.1


All shisks share a rare language also called Shisk.3


Many shisks worship Chohar as the sun and reverence of the Green Faith is highly common. But for gods of knowledge and secrets, most prefer deities such as Irez, Nethys, or Norgorber.3


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