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Naiads are fey nymphs who make their home in and protect freshwater areas, particularly rivers.12


Naiads, like other nymphs, have features resembling elves2 They are lithe and thin, their skin appears to be made of water, and they have hair that flows like a river. They are elegant and attractive, with delicate builds that show their grace and dexterity. They tend to be of medium height, and tend to dress themselves in natural items such as leaves and reeds found near the bodies of water they are bonded to.1


Naiads value their small communities, called currents, and tend to keep to themselves around water.1 However, they are among the few nymphs to venture out to become adventurers, and often do so to counter a corrupting threat to their lands.2


Naiads speak Sylvan, Elven and Common,2 and have also been known to speak Thalassic.1 They can also communicate with animals.2


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