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A ganzi.

Ganzis1 are nephilim planar scions who have become mutated by the chaotic energies of the Maelstrom.2


Ganzi often are born randomly, in otherwhise normal and umremarkable bloodlines. The mortals who parent a Ganzi can often be those who mingle with beings of the Maelstrom, or who travel throught the cerulean void. But many are simply born in places were the barriers between the planes were thin.3


The rogue and bard suit ganzis' love of chaos and mischief, while those looking for the thrill of combat often become swashbucklers or even liberator champions. Ganzis might study illusion magic as wizards or witches.4


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  1. The singular and plural forms of ganzi are the same in Pathfinder First Edition, but Pathfinder Second Edition uses "ganzis" as the plural form.
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