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A kasatha.
Type Humanoid
CR By character class
Environment Warm deserts
Adjective Kasathan[1]
Images of kasathas

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 174
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The secretive, nomadic, four-armed kasathas who roam Numeria's wilds hail from far outside Golarion's solar system: they originate from the planet Kasath.[2] They are well acclimated to desert climates.[3]


Kasathas have gray-skinned humanoid bodies, four lanky arms, and spade-shaped alien faces.[3]


Few stories tell how kasathas came to Golarion, and details conflict even among these rare tales. It is possible, due to their being found primarily in Numeria, that their arrival to Golarion may have some link to the androids and other alien creatures that are also found there, but this is not certain. Despite a set of traditions and a shared language, kasathas have very little knowledge of their own history.[3]

Society and culture

Kasathas traditionally embark on a year-long "tempering" ritual of exploration as they near adulthood, after which they return to their homes with any valuable objects or information that they found on their travels.[3]


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