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A vanara.

Vanaras are a race of intelligent, simian humanoids who dwell in the jungles and forests of Casmaron.1 They have their own language called Vanaran.23


Vanaras are normally slightly shorter than the average human. They are covered in a thin coat of short fur that can be a variety of colours, from ivory to light browns, chestnuts, and even gold. Despite being covered in fur vanaras still grow lengthy hair on their head, and all vanaras take considerable pride in wearing elaborate hairstyles to any social function. A vanara's fur and hair match in color, save for those with pale hair known as "whitecapes".4 All vanaras have long prehensile tails and their feet are almost as dexterous and capable of fine manipulation as their hands are. Vanaras are naturally very dexterous and also have a deep-seated natural wisdom.24

Vanaras reach maturity at the age of 13 and have a typical lifespan of around 60 years.4


Vanaras trace their lineage to the monkey god Ragdya, who created them as agents of mischief and scouts for the kept wealth of mortals and immortals alike, particularly fiends'. Rural Vudrani consider the appearance of a vanara as a good and divine omen, while their exploits created natural enemies out of nagas and rakshasa maharajas.4


On the whole, vanaras are a boundlessly curious people who also seem to have a natural penchant for pranks which, unfortunately, means they often struggle to ingratiate themselves with people of other races. Vanaras normally dwell in treetop villages with the individual buildings connected by rope bridges and ladders. These communities are normally led by some sort of holy person, normally either a cleric, monk, or oracle.2

Vanaras who train in martial arts often favor weapons traditional to their culture, including bo staves, chakrams, katars, panabas, and urumi.5

On Golarion

A ragdyan vanara.

Vanaras are a comparatively common sight in the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra and are even incorporated into the country's caste system.6 Many vanaras have flocked to the fortresses and cities (such as Dhalanagar) of the Open Bridge region of Vudra, desperate to reclaim their homelands. Their former island homes became landlocked in 4606 AR when the Obari Ocean receded exposing a new land bridge that was tragically infested with hordes of ravaging aberrations.7 Vanaras are numerous in the vast Crying Jungle region of Vudra, one of the densest, most verdant jungles in the entirety of Casmaron.6 Vanaras are also the second largest demographic in Radripal, the City of Arches.8

Beyond Vudra, the only cities where vanaras are common are Niswan in Jalmeray. They also join Vudran settlements near coasts or in dense woodlands.9

On the continent of Tian Xia, vanaras can be found living within the depths of the deadly Valashmai Jungle in the continent's southern reaches. These vanaras are quite different from their Vudran cousins as life within the lethal jungle has caused most of the tribes of vanaras to resort to vicious savagery.10

On the continent of Garund, vanaras with interests in the arcane disciplines congregate in Quantium of Nex.11

A small but significant number of vanaras live in or travel through Absalom.11


Paizo published articles about vanaras on pages 28–31 of Blood of the Beast and pages 52–57 of Impossible Lands.

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