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Age of Lost Omens
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  • The ancient Starfall Doctrine predicts that the god Aroden will return to Westcrown, become emperor of Cheliax, and lead Golarion into the Age of Glory.24
  • Aroden's clerics are cut off from their god after storms wrack Golarion for three weeks on the eve of his prophesied return. The connection is never reestablished, leading most to believe that Aroden is dead.2520
  • The empyreal lords of the Great Beyond call the rarest of meetings to discuss the impact of Aroden's death: a Concordance.26

4606 AR in environment

  • The death of Aroden is followed by tremendous storms across the face of Golarion.27
    • At the very moment of Aroden's death, the most powerful hurricane the world has ever known forms off the western coast of Garund. It is known as the Eye of Abendego and has yet to die down.2820
    • The Eye of Abendego leads to massive storm surges which flood the low-lying land along the western coast of Garund, leading to the death of thousands.28 This destroys the nations of Lirgen and Yamasa, creating the Sodden Lands.29203031
    • Within three days after Aroden's death, storms destroy Deng, a town on the southern coast of Cheliax. The town is never rebuilt, and the spirits of its dead residents live on as ghosts.3233
    • Storms devastate Hermea and disrupt the third generation of Mengkare's Glorious Endeavor,34 leading the gold dragon to delegate recruitment for his experiment to three trading groups.35
    • Storms hammer the coast of Osirion in Garund and flood the Sphinx, Asp, and Crook rivers. The subsequent devastation leads to famine.36
  • The death of Aroden is followed by tremendous earthquakes across the face of Golarion.
    • Massive earthquakes rock the plains south of Mzali and destroy five cities, thus creating the Shatterfield.37
    • Upon Aroden's death, five cities in the plains south of Mzali in Garund are destroyed by massive earthquakes. The land becomes known as the Shatterfield and remains prone to seismic activity.37
  • A terrible explosion (known as the Paroxsys) destroys much of Anuli, the capital city of Nwanyi in Holomog.38
  • The Veins of Creation originating from Tumbaja Mountain in the Arcadian nation of Xopatl go dark,39 and the kumaru tree that had powered it for millennia immediately withers away.40

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