Ordellia Whilwren

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Ordellia Whilwren
The ghost of Ordellia Whilwren.

Source: Undead Unleashed, pg(s). 37

Ordellia Whilwren is the namesake of the Ordellia district in Magnimar. She was a member of the Wardens of the Eye, and a leader of the first settlers of the city.1

As the settlers from Korvosa were setting up their new city, the Varisians asked the townsfolk to move to the other side of the River Yondabakari, because the land they had chosen to settle had long been sacred to the Varisians. Most of the towns leaders flat out refused, but Ordellia challenged them that if they could prove to her the holiness of the land she and her followers would do as they asked. They told her to watch the Seacleft Spire for a week. On the last day, she claims to have seen a divine figure on top of the spire at dawn. She then moved south, honoring her agreement with the tribe.1

Two years later, when a large storm threatened to wipe out the growing town, Ordellia prayed to the angel she had seen, and it responded immediately with a bolt of white lightning which destroyed the tower and dispersed the clouds. This lead to the creation of Arvensoar.1


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