Turandarok Academy

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Turandarok Academy is a large building in the southern end of Sandpoint, at the corner of Main and Water Streets. Opened originally by the founders of Sandpoint not long after families began arriving, it has educated many of the town's children.12


The Academy is a large, two story building, consisting of a classroom established on the ground floor and a second floor dedicated to providing living quarters for the town's orphans. The basement below ground level is the private residence of the academy's headmaster, Ilsoari Gandethus, and acts as a museum of oddities and trophies he has collected over the years.2


The academy serves as a place to handle the education of the town's children, house the town's orphans, and provide a venue for older children to visit to help keep them from becoming delinquents. Headmaster Gandethus is more than happy to provide tours of his collection housed in the basement, should anyone ask, but many of Sandpoint's children would rather speculate as to the things their teacher keeps to himself rather than witness them first hand.2

Notable individuals

Ilsoari Gandethus
Headmaster Gandethus is a retired adventurer who volunteered to be the headmaster providing he could have the basement of the Academy to himself. He then filled this space with all of the items that he accumulated during his travels.2