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Kaijitsu Manor

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Kaijitsu Manor may physically be the smallest of Sandpoint's noble houses, but due to the success of the founding family that lends the structure its name it also boasts the greatest displays of wealth. The home of the Kaijitsu family is situated atop the bluffs south of town, alongside other homes of the community's influential families.1


Located along the bluffs overlooking the Varisian Gulf, Kaijitsu Manor is relatively small for a manor house owned by one of Sandpoint's founding families. However, the building's interior is well furnished in rare and expensive styles, all provided for as a result of the success seen by the Sandpoint Glassworks.1

Notable Individuals

Having been the home of three generations of the Kaijitsu family, this building has been home to a fair share of Sandpoint's nobility.1

Ameiko Kaijitsu
Ameiko is the owner of The Rusty Dragon and current leader of the Kaijitsu family.2
Lonjiku Kaijitsu
Known for his temper, Lonjiku Kaijitsu was the father of Ameiko and Tsuto and operated the Sandpoint Glassworks for many years. He was murdered in the year 4707 AR.13
Tsuto Kaijitsu
This half-elf son of Lonjiku Kaijitsu has long been a subject of rumor in Sandpoint, as neither Lonjiku nor his wife were elves.4