Sandpoint Cathedral

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The current Sandpoint Cathedral was dedicated in the year 4707 AR. Located in the town of Sandpoint, this structure was built to replace a chapel that was destroyed by a fire five years earlier in a series of events that have become known as the late unpleasantness. The new building has been established on the same site as the old, and has been greatly improved upon through the efforts of Sandpoint's citizens and the initiative of the town's mayor, Kendra Deverin.12


The location that bears the Sandpoint Cathedral served as a holy place well before any building was built. A series of seven stones present at this site has long held importance to the followers of Desna, who believe they represent the seven tower's of their goddess's palace.1

When initially established, the Sandpoint Chapel served as a center of worship for six deities; individual shrines were dedicated to Desna, Abadar, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Gozreh, and Erastil. Care of the site fell to a priest by the name of Ezakien Tobyn and his acolytes. However, when the chapel burned in 4702 AR, Father Tobyn lost his life in the blaze.12

Determined to see Sandpoint recover from the late unpleasantness, mayor Kendra Deverin began a movement to rebuild and improve upon the Chapel. After five years, the result is an impressive structure boasting shrines devoted to the same six deities venerated in the previous building. This ecumenical cathedral is run by Abstalar Zantus, a priest of Desna. It was dedicated on the same day as the Swallowtail Release, a celebration of the goddess known as the Great Dreamer, in 4707 AR.2

Notable individuals

Father Abstalar Zantus
Father Zantus is a follower of the goddess Desna and the current high-priest of the Sandpoint Cathedral.2 He is assisted in his duties by four acolytes.3
Father Ezakien Tobyn
Father Tobyn was the priest and caretaker of the Sandpoint Chapel before it burned in 4702 AR; Tobyn lost his life in the blaze.2