Deverin Manor

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Deverin Manor is the largest manor house in the town of Sandpoint. The Deverin family was one of the town's founding families, and has traditionally provided leaders of the community.1


Deverin Manor is the largest of a series of residences and manor houses located atop the bluffs south of Sandpoint. These homes boast a position overlooking the community, and can be seen from many of the town's streets.12

Notable Individuals

Mayor Kendra Deverin.

As the residence of one of Sandpoint's founding families, Deverin Manor has housed a number of distinguished citizens since the town's founding.1

Amos Deverin
One of the first members of the Deverin family to call Sandpoint home, Amos acted as the community's first mayor, serving in this position for 23 years after its founding. He died after being trampled by a horse in town.1
Fenchus Deverin
Fenchus Deverin was the son of Amos Deverin, and followed in his father's footsteps: he served as Sandpoint's mayor for 11 years after his father left the position. Fenchus died as a result of a snakebite.1
Kendra Deverin
Kendra Deverin is the youngest daughter of Amos Deverin, and current mayor of the town of Sandpoint. She was elected to her position after being nominated by her good friend Casp Avertin.1
Vana Deverin
Widow of the deceased Fenchus Deverin, Vana and her family live in Deverin Manor alongside her sister-in-law, Kendra.1


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