Ilsoari Gandethus

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Ilsoari Gandethus

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 67 (1E)
Seven Dooms for Sandpoint Player's Guide, pg(s). 25 (2E)

When the town of Sandpoint founded the Turandarok Academy, the retired adventurer Ilsoari Gandethus volunteered to be the school and orphanage's headmaster on the condition that he could reserve the building's basement for his own use. In this space, which he keeps locked from the children of the Academy, he holds a large collection of exotic weapons, strange maps, and monster trophies gathered during his adventuring days.

He is quite open with his arcane museum to anyone who asks, but he allows the orphans and students of the Academy to spin their outrageous rumors of the true nature of his basement lair, seeming to get some level of amusement from their wildly imaginative theories. In truth, most of the unused magic items and objects of value have long since been sold to fund Ilsoari's taste in wine, except for a platinum key etched with the Sihedron.12

Although Ilsoari accepts that his adventuring days are long past, he still regrets that he and his group never had the chance to explore the Pit, and suspects that there are ancient ruins hidden in 'the dungeon that got away'. Since lore about ancient Thassilon resurfaced, he believes that stories about dwarven caves in the Pit actually refer to Thassilonian secrets, and thinks that his unusual key unlocks a door somewhere within it.2