The Feathered Serpent

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The Feathered Serpent specializes in providing the community of Sandpoint with magic trinkets and tools, though the shop's inventory changes regularly and many articles found within the location's walls are often not for sale.1


The interior of The Feathered Serpent boasts a disorganized collection of merchandise. The smells and odors of the various components that line the shop's shelves permeate the air of this small shop, located in southern Sandpoint.1


Though the inventory found in this small shop can vary greatly from one visit to the next, and certain items are used for display purposes rather than being available for purchase, the proprietor maintains various trade connections with Magnimar; those with the coin to pay for their purchases can often obtain what they may be looking for at The Feathered Serpent as a result.1

Notable individuals

The excitable Vorvashali Voon is the sole proprietor of The Feathered Serpent.1