Red Dog Smithy

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The Red Dog Smithy is the lone smithery in the town of Sandpoint, owned and operated by the foul-mannered Das Korvut. The building is located at the intersection of Festival and River Streets.12


This building is home to three large red mastiffs; their master is particularly fond of these canines, and it's from this fact that the Red Dog Smithy gets its name.1


The Red Dog Smithy offers a large variety of smithing services to the community of Sandpoint. Some may consider Korvut's scant patience for customers to be service, albeit poor service.1

Notable Individuals

Das Korvut
Korvut is the owner of the Red Dog Smithy. Well known for his horrible temper and drunken rants, Das is allowed to stay in Sandpoint mostly due to his appreciable skill with the forge.1