Sandpoint Garrison

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The Sandpoint Garrison serves the community of Sandpoint as both a prison and barracks, and is administered by Sheriff Belor Hemlock. Though the Garrison is populated by more than two dozen individuals, and acts as a rallying point for the town's additional militia members, there is rarely any need to rally the full compliment of defenders housed within the building's wall's.12


The Sandpoint Garrison is a sturdy stone building. In addition to the above ground structure, which acts primarily as a barracks, a subterranean section acts as Sandpoint's jail.1


In addition to housing Sandpoint's full-time guardsmen, and their support staff, the Garrison acts as a training location for the community's militia. The jail wing generally acts as only a temporary holding location; those within are either released fairly quickly or transported to Magnimar for trial.12

Notable Individuals

Sheriff Belor Hemlock
Sheriff Hemlock was granted his position in response to his actions after the death of his predecessor, Casp Avertin, at the hands of the serial killer known as the Chopper.2
This scarred Shoanti man acts as the jailer of the Sandpoint Garrison.2