Cyrdak Drokkus

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Cyrdak Drokkus


Cyrdak Drokkus is the producer of the Sandpoint Theater, one of the largest playhouses in Varisia. He was forced to flee from Magnimar in 4700 AR for mysterious reasons (which he is willing to hint at but not elaborate), and takes great pride in how his playhouse could compete with those in Magnimar. He prefers to write his own productions, but tries not to repeat plays that were already run elsewhere, and is willing to purchase scripts written by others if their quality is sufficiently high. He enjoys flirting with all young people in Sandpoint, but these activities have diminished since his marriage to Jasper Korvaski. Cyrdak does not trust the Sandpoint Town Hall or the Abadaran bank in Magnimar, and uses his basement to keep his money and signatures of Shensen, his favourite performer.1


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