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Shayliss Vinder

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Shayliss Vinder


Shayliss Vinder is the second daughter of Ven and Solsta Vinder and a vigilante under the secret identity Shroud.1


From a young age, Shayliss has suspected that her parents saw her sister Katrine as their favourite child and were ashamed of Shayliss. She sought their approval and attention, first by being kind, later by being scandalous, and never succeeded. After her sister was murdered, her father fell into depression, and Shayliss realised that her parents did not really consider her their daughter.1

One night, when she was contemplating suicide on the bank of the Turandarok River, Shayliss was startled by a deformed man waving at her. This man, who was the deceased Calistrian priest Iremiel reincarnated into a quickling body, led her to his secret underground temple to Calistria inside the smugglers' tunnels. The astounded Shayliss found Iremiel's skeleton and claimed his equipment as hers. As she studied Calistrian lore in the temple, she was inspired by Calistria's teachings of vengeance to find a way to avenge her sister and ensure that no girl or woman in Sandpoint would be ignored by their fathers or husbands.1

While she maintained her public identity as a quiet girl who stopped her scandalous ways after her sister's murder, and lost the attention of the town (including her parents), Shayliss began a career as an adventurer, operating in the southern Whisperwood, far from Sandpoint, taking the identity of Shroud. Any male resident discovered by Shroud to have been keeping secrets from his wife and children will have his indiscretions posted in a public place and the front door of his house painted with Calistria's holy symbol. Shroud seeks the help of adventurers to reform Sandpoint and explore the western portion of the Calistrian shrine, which is guarded by difficult locks and traps.1


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