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Sandpoint Glassworks

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Sandpoint Glassworks is one of the oldest industries in Sandpoint, dating back to 4665 AR,1 when the Kaijitsu family was one of Sandpoint's co-founders who had organized in the Sandpoint Mercantile League.2 With methods learned and refined in Tian Xia, the Sandpoint Glassworks are widely renowned for the high quality of their products, which are even demanded outside of Varisia's boundaries.1


The Glassworks is a large stone building combining the actual factory with a shop in which potential customers can examine the wares before buying them. When in operation, large plumes of smoke come out of the massive furnace chimney.1


Glass-made items of all sorts are available.1

Notable persons

Until 4707 AR, Lonjiku Kaijitsu had been the owner of the Glassworks. Since his wife's death in 4702 AR and after a heavy dispute with his bastard son Tsuto, he developed a misanthropic streak. His daughter Ameiko is the owner of The Rusty Dragon. She had tried but failed to reconcile her father and brother.

After Lonjiku's death in 4707 AR, Ameiko became the glassworks' official heir.1