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Flag of Tianjing.
Titles Beloved of the Heavens
Alignment Neutral good
Capital Zetang
Ruler Onishi Kazujun
Government Custodian council of elderly advisors
Demonym Tianji
Adjective Tianjing[1]; Tianji
Languages Celestial, Tien
Religions Desna, Kofusachi, Qi Zhong, Shelyn, Tsukiyo, empyreal lords
Images of Tianjing

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 39

The kingdom of the aasimars, Tianjing is an idyllic land that harbours a dark secret, its people are tasked with guarding against a truly terrible threat that predates Golarion itself, the terrible Qlippoth.[2]


The history of Tianjing actually predates the arrival of humans to Tian Xia, stretching all the way back into the misty reaches of prehistory. In the very distant past all the forces of the upper planes united together in a great war against an invasion of the qlippoth, the most ancient evil of the Great Beyond. An entire army of archons, agathions, azatas, and angels stood side by side in opposition to this foul planar invasion and eventually, after untold years managed to win this ancient war. Unfortunately the celestials of this golden host could not return home, the danger of the qlippoth was still too strong[2] since the rifts to the abyssal realm of Yad Iagnoth that the qlippoth had used could not be repaired.[3] So the celestials accepted their fate and remained, ever vigilant, guarding the portal. After untold centuries humans began to rise to power in the surrounding land and the celestial host happily allowed the best of these people to live alongside them. Gradually the celestials began to intermingle with these humans with more and more frequency until eventually their aasimar progeny were numerous enough that they felt safe entrusting the task of guarding the rift to them.[2] The celestials departed Golarion in -2402 AR, at which point stewardship of Tianjing passed to to their aasimar offspring.[4]

In the wake of the chaos that followed the collapse of Imperial Lung Wa, Tianjing bordered on the precipice of destruction until it was saved by a young aasimar named Sulunai in 4619 AR.[5]


Tianjing sits in close the the centre of the continent of Tian Xia bordered to both the west and south-west by the Sea of Ghosts. To the north it is bordered by the nation of Kwanlai along the Kimu Mountains and in its most north western corner it shares a border with the monster-haunted kingdom of Shenmen.[6]


The Tian Xia nation of Tianjing was one of the few not conquered by the expansionist Lung Wa empire, primarily thanks to the skills of their diplomats. The emperor of Lung Wa at the time believed that attacking Tianjing would invite the wrath of Heaven on his empire, and the diplomats of Tianjing said nothing to dissuade him from this idea.[1]


A land of idyllic beauty, it is populated by the aasimar descendants of celestials who had fought in the region millennia before to stem the tide of a qlippoth invasion of Golarion.[2][7]


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