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Flag of Kaoling.
Alignment Lawful evil
Capital Dhucharg
Ruler Warlord Tsung-cha Kavangaki
Government Military dictatorship (Council of Nine)
Languages Giant, Goblin
Religions General Susumu, Yaezhing
Images of Kaoling

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 28

Conquered by armies of vicious hobgoblins in the aftermath of the fall of Imperial Lung Wa, Kaoling is now a two-tiered society ruled by ruthless hobgoblins with all other races serving as effectively a slave-caste.[1]

Recently, the nation of Oprak has made diplomatic contact with Kaoling via the Onyx Key artifact. While this has led to profitable trade agreements, diplomacy has proven complicated due in part to Kaoling's harsh traditionalism.[2]

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Life for the hobgoblin population is very regimented, even by hobgoblin standards, and all its citizens hold a specific rank and status within its society. Harsh punishments are enacted upon any who attempt to rise above their station outside socially endorsed or official methods. The hobgoblin people as a result become particularly cold and distant, many expecting treachery from others as a matter of course.[3]


Before the collapse of Imperial Lung Wa, the lands of Kaoling had always successfully beaten off the raids by the hobgoblins of the northern hills. After Lung Wa's fall in 4606 AR, the imperial armies stopped coming, however, and the hobgoblins soon realized their opportunity and invaded. In 4610 AR, they overthrew six squabbling Successor States in short order before halting their expansionist campaign and founding the modern hobgoblin nation of Kaoling.[4]


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