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Flag of Hwanggot.
Titles Kingdom of Flowers
Alignment Neutral good
Capital Haseong
Ruler Queen Hyun Eun-suk
Government Hereditary monarchy
Demonym Hwans
Languages Hwan, Tien
Religions Desna, Hei Feng, Kofusachi, Shelyn, Sun Wukong

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 26

The small Tian Xia nation of Hwanggot, the Kingdom of Flowers, is the ancestral home of the Tian-Hwan people, and is generally considered to be a land of peace, understanding, and diplomacy.[1]


Hwanggot was formed in the wake of Imperial Yixing's fall. 13 years after the empire collapsed, and with Tian Xia still in turmoil, the Tian-Hwan people decided to take destiny into their own hands. The nation's founders studied Yixing—its strengths, weaknesses, and the causes of its eventual collapse—and learned from them. With this new-found wisdom, the Tian-Hwan founded their new kingdom in 3089 AR.[2] It maintained its independence for over a thousand years until it surrendered peacefully in 4304 AR to Imperial Lung Wa when it became apparent that there was no diplomatic route to remaining independent.[3]

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