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Flag of Hwanggot.
Titles Kingdom of Flowers
Alignment Neutral good
Capital Haseong
Ruler Queen Hyun Eun-suk
Government Hereditary monarchy
Demonym Hwans
Languages Hwan, Tien
Religions Desna, Hei Feng, Kofusachi, Shelyn, Sun Wukong

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 26

The small Tian Xia nation of Hwanggot, the Kingdom of Flowers, is the ancestral home of the Tian-Hwan people, and is generally considered to be a land of peace, understanding, and diplomacy.[1]

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Hwanggot is a land that values many things, including beauty. This attracts samurai of the order of the songbird, who are artists and poets in addition to their combat prowess, seeing combat as its own beautiful art form.[2]


Hwanggot is one of the centers of worship for Hei Feng.[3]


One of the region's exports is fireworks. Particularly ones that depict the mugunghwa flower when detonated.[4]


Hwanggot was formed in the wake of Imperial Yixing's fall. 13 years after the empire collapsed, and with Tian Xia still in turmoil, the Tian-Hwan people decided to take destiny into their own hands. The nation's founders studied Yixing—its strengths, weaknesses, and the causes of its eventual collapse—and learned from them. With this new-found wisdom, the Tian-Hwan founded their new kingdom in 3089 AR.[5] It maintained its independence for over a thousand years until it surrendered peacefully in 4304 AR to Imperial Lung Wa when it became apparent that there was no diplomatic route to remaining independent.[6]


Among the humans, the Tian-Hwan is the major ethnic group who lives here.[7]

The Hwaeko kitsune primarily originate here, living in scattered groups in and near the Chang Lio Jungle.[8]

The sapsali is a specific breed of dog almost exclusively found in Hwanggot.[9]


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