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Flag of Wanshou.
Titles Post-Apocalyptic Kraken-Ruled Swampland
Alignment Chaotic evil
Capital Numijaan
Ruler Zhanagorr
Government Monstrous tyranny
Languages Aquan, Boggard, Minkaian, Tien
Religions Hei Feng, Lady Nanbyo, Lamashtu, Lao Shu Po
Images of Wanshou

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 42

The Successor State of Wanshou was once the top rice-producing province of Imperial Lung Wa. After the empire's collapse, it was hit by a devastating typhoon that quickly began flooding the low-lying areas bordering the nation of Xidao. Its people's call for help was answered by Zhanagorr, an elder kraken of immense power, who calmed the storm, but demanded that Wanshou now serve him in return.[1]

Today, much of the country has become swamplands. From these swamps have risen boggards and kappas that serve as Zhanagorr's minions, ruling the lands and keeping the surviving humans enslaved and worshiping Zhanagorr. Some people have given in to madness, or otherwise have become convinced that Zhanagorr really is a god worth worshiping. Either way, no one knows his true motivations. Some think he might be preparing to wage war on the neighboring nation of Xidao.[1][2]

Other humanoids exist in small numbers in Wanshou. Some who have given in to the madness and consorted with some of the fiends have given birth to tieflings,[3], while other families have had more and more undines born to them.[4]

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