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Flag of Amanandar.
Alignment Lawful neutral
Capital New Oppara
Ruler General Audrya Vannisar
Government Military monarchy
Demonym Amanandarans, (Taldans)
Adjective Amanandaran, (Taldan)
Languages Taldane, Tien
Religions Abadar, Irori, Pharasma, Shizuru

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 18

The nation of Amanandar is a colony of the Empire of Taldor, located in the heart of the continent of Tian Xia.[1] Though the colony was formed in an attempt to help the nation of Taldor to recover from years of decline, it has done little to achieve this, in part due to its isolation from her mother empire. Amanandar, nevertheless, serves as a center of Taldan culture on the other side of the world.[2]


The current iteration of Amanandar began in 4606 AR with the Eighth Army of Exploration, led by General Orphyrea Amandar, that set out in search of new lands ostensibly in honour of the return of Aroden but, more specifically, to revitalize the failing nation of Taldor. With the unexpected demise of Aroden, terrible and destructive storms battered the fleet. The survivors made it to Tian Xia where they conquered the bandit city of Kamikobu and renamed it New Oppara in 4608 AR. With this act, the colony of Amanandar was established.[3]

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