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Nation Vudra
Region Western Ghats
Size Small city

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 73

Sihadrimon[1] is one of the numerous prosperous coastal cities that dot the shores of the Betul Sea in the Western Ghats region of Vudra. Each of these cities has their own unique culture and Sihadrimon is no exception. Sihadrimon is the main trade centre for Vudran magical and mechanical goods and they have influenced the city immensely. Sihadrimon also serves as a home for numerous rakshasas whose schemes are more focused towards the west (rather than the heartlands of Vudra).[2]

Sihadrimon is the port city in Vudra where Lord Garath Arkona arrived on the caravel Reprieve from Korvosa in 4460 AR.[3]


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