Crying Jungle

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Crying Jungle

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 70f.

The region of Vudra known as the Crying Jungle is one of the densest, most verdant jungles on the entire continent of Casmaron. The waters of the Baghshahi River that flow down from the Johar Mountains—whose peaks form the region's western border—and eventually empty into the Embaral Ocean are the lifeblood of the Crying Jungle. The jungle itself is dense, its canopy almost impenetrable but life blooms within with countless species of animals, insects and plants dwelling within. The Crying Jungle is also home to a huge variety of humanoids from the Vudrani humans and aiuvarins to ratfolk, ratajins, vanaras, vishkanyas, and even the nefarious serpentfolk. Some of the mahajanapadas of the region are even openly ruled by nagas and rakshasas.1

The capital city of the Crying Jungle region is Jayat-Von, located pretty much at the centre of the jungle.12

The mahajanapada of Sikari sits in one of the most primal corners of the Crying Jungle and has had issues with its settlements being overrun with Sikari macaques, vast swarms of rabid monkeys.3 The so-called "lost" mahajanapada of Khoyadesh lies somewhere within the northern reaches of the region. Many mahajanapadas encircle Jansagar Lake in the south of the province, which is home to the goddess Janpati.1 Her blessings means that any animal that drinks from Jansagar Lake gains sapience and the neighbouring mahajanapada of Janvari consists of thousands of these awakened creatures ruled by a sentient panther raja named Tendula. The Crying Jungle is also the centre of worship for the righteous monkey god Topimanu.4


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