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Land Vudra
Ruler Rajah Mharana
Government Dictatorship
Languages Vudrani

Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 163

Mharana is a tiny, insular mahajanapada of Vudra, whose borders are only open to foreigners for 40 days every year during the annual visit of the maharajah. During this time, the people of Mharana display unusual hospitality to the maharajah and his entourage, as well as their devotion to their beautiful queen, who bears the same name as her kingdom. Unknown to most outsiders, this Rajah Mharana is in fact a disguised rakshasa who has managed to break the free will of every single one of her 1,200 subjects, who now serve her every whim, during her centuries of rule. She is now searching for a way to sacrifice them so she can ascend into immortality.[1]


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