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Land Vudra
Capital Dhalanagar

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 72/73

Nayapul is one of the numerous mahajanapadas that make up the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra, it's located in the southern-most region of Open Bridge. The Open Bridge only became a region in 4606 AR after the death of Aroden caused the Obari Ocean to recede, creating a new land bridge. When it became apparent that this new region was swarming with aberrations General Chakradev began fortifying the northern reaches of Open Bridge, creating the mahajanapada of Nayapul. The de facto capital of Nayapul is the fortress city of Dhalanagar. To this day Nayapul is still being fortified as nearby mahajanapadas continue pouring resources into building more defences to stop the hordes of aberrations reaching the rest of Vudra. Many vanara have flocked to Nayapul, desperate to retake their homelands on the once isolated islands that are now linked to the mainland and overrun by the aberrant hordes.[1]