New Vedagad

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New Vedagad
Nation Vudra
Region The Cradle
Size City
Ruler Fiery Hak, mayor

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 70

New Vedagad is the largest city in the storied Vudran region known as The Cradle. New Vedagad is actually a reconstruction of Vedagad, a city that was lost to earthquakes over two centuries ago. New Vedagad has a direct road to the Vudran capital city of Indapatta, which brings the city a vast amount of wealth. Fiery Hak, the ifrit mayor of New Vedagad, has grown wealthy off this trade, but local rulers along the route and scoundrels of every stripe plot and scheme about how to siphon off some of this vast wealth into their own coffers.[1]


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