Western Ghats

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Western Ghats

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 73

The Western Ghats is a region of the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra characterised by the towering peaks of the Johar and Pardaparbat Mountains. Most of the Western Ghats biggest cities and mahajanapadas lie in the shadow of Johar Mountains. This region was original settled by the ratfolk who tunnelled beneath the mountains and for the most part were left alone, but this all changed with the creation of the Seabound Road between the cities of Golquila and Ukhrul. This new route, along with the growing trade between Vudra, Garund, and the rest of the Inner Sea region, has lead to the Western Ghats becoming enormously wealthy. Now countless ships ply the Betul Sea between a dozen or so popular ports.1

The coastal ports are as diverse as they are beautiful, to the north the city of Azad boasts enough beautiful domes and minarets that it almost seems like it belongs within Kelesh rather than Vudra. While the city of Sihadrimon is more influenced by the magical and mechanical goods that it trades in. Golquila is defined by its two surrounding walls, while Chennipon is dominated by its master shipbuilders. Away from the rich coastal trading cities, the mahajanapadas take on a different character. The island kingdom of Saman boasts the largest military force in the entire region, under the command of its rajah, Rani Srivati. Meanwhile, in the mountains, the kingdoms there often take on a more spiritual air, the most prominent of these enlightened mahajanapadas is Dharget. Within Dharget lies the Cave of a Thousand Stars, a holy site with a powerful connection to the plane of Nirvana.1


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