The Cradle

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The Cradle
Nation Vudra
Religions Dhavala

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 70

The Cradle is a region in the south of Vudra that features heavily in the country's national mythology. According to Vudran mythology, the river goddess Dhavala helped sustain the early Vudran civilisation along with a vast forest that once covered much of the Cradle. The forest is now little more than a memory, but Dhavala is still widely worshipped across the region.[1]

The mahajanapadas of the region are renowned for holding grudges and war is so common that a vast, unsettled region called the Plains of Conflict where armies can war without destroying the valuable farmland of the region has been left just for this purpose. The mahajanapadas of Kaurata and Pandata have been intermittently at war for centuries, with no sign of the conflict abating. The Cradle is also riddled with the ruins of ancient kingdoms such as the haunted, underground city of Kabirabad and the remnants of the naga city of Sampadabad.[1]

The Cradle boasts some very unusual mahajanapadas, including the vishkanya jungle kingdom of Tanadesh and Vaktai, a port city openly ruled by rakshasa. The largest city in the region is New Vedagad, a reconstruction of a city that slid into the Embaral Ocean over two centuries ago. New Vedagad has a direct road connection with the Vudran capital city Indapatta which brings enormous wealth to the city.[1]


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