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The Rune of Bretheda
Titles The Cradle
Type Planet
Adjective Brethedan
Diameter x 11
Mass x 320
Gravity x 2½ (at 'surface')
Atmosphere Unbreathable
Orbit 30 years
Inhabitants Brethedans
Satellites Dykon,
and many more
Images of Bretheda

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 40–43
The Solar System
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Bretheda is the ninth planet from Golarion's sun and the largest planet in its solar system. It is also known as the Cradle, as the creatures which inhabit the outer atmosphere of the planet have created diverse ecosystems for a number of Bretheda's moons and populated them with life as well.[1][2]


Bretheda is a gas giant of a blue and purple hue, which acts as 'parent' for the dozens of moons which orbit the planet known as its 'children'.[1][2]

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Rune representation

In scholarly works, Bretheda is sometimes represented by a rune: a larger circle with a smaller circle suspended below it.[3]


As a gas giant, there are few notable places on the planet as the planet is in constant flux. Nevertheless, some of the most notable places on Bretheda are the Eyes of the Ancients, the three most prominent storms on the planet's surface, which reportedly formed in 1606 AR.[4]


The many inhabitants of Bretheda include:[2]


Bretheda is famous for its moons, its title of 'the Cradle' directly referring to the vast number of satellites the planet contains. Many of Bretheda's moons are inert rock, many are tiny and insignificant, but some are remarkable, such as:[2]