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The Rune of Eox
Titles The Dead
Type Planet
Adjective Eoxian
Diameter x 2/3
Mass x 2/3
Gravity x 1
Atmosphere Unbreathable
Orbit 5 years
Inhabitants Bone sages
Satellites The Sentinel;
The Thousand Moons
Images of Eox

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 28f.
The Solar System.
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Eox, the Dead Planet, is the sixth planet from Golarion's sun.[1]


Once a fertile planet populated by a very human-like race of geniuses, the planet became the site of the greatest disaster in Golarion's solar system. Ages ago, an ancient magical war ended with the destruction of the planet's atmosphere and the end of all life. The planet is now inhabited by countless undead who need no air to survive.[1][2]

Eox also is beset by deadly, mutagenic magical radiation fields.[3]

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Rune representation

In scholarly works, Eox is sometimes represented by a rune: a circle surmounted by a larger, diagonal cross, the lower right bar of which is lengthened and then crossed itself.[4]


Some of the most notable places on Eox are listed below:[2]


The main inhabitants of Eox are lich-like bone sages, the undead form of the original Eoxian-humans.[2]

Other creatures inhabiting the planet include:[2][5]


Many objects orbit Eox, including:[2]

  • The Sentinel: a orbiting city created to defend the planet in the time before the cataclysm, now used by bone sages
  • The Thousand Moons: created by the ejected mass from the Facinora Basin, they form a ring of moonlets


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