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Source: Fires of Creation, pg(s). 7
For other meanings of "Androffan", please see Androffan (disambiguation).

Androffa is a planet in a galaxy far from Golarion,1 yet similar in many ways. They are part of the triad of worlds targeted by Rovagug before he was imprisoned2 The two worlds are also linked in history by the crash of the Androffan spaceship Divinity on Golarion's surface in the Rain of Stars.3


Androffa shares many traits with Golarion.4 Similarly sized and both bearing intelligent life—not just humanoids, but humans5 predating the race on Golarion or Earth6—Androffa also suffered an ancient cataclysm. Compared to Earthfall, Androffa's apocalypse led not to a dark age and the ascension of mortals to godhood, but rather the rise of technology and widespread disbelief in all gods.5

After the Divinity was lost, however, Androffa's gods—the Shoal—returned. These gods' ensuing displeasure led to them reset the planet by wiping it of all life.5

This wrathful act itself drew the ire of even greater gods, who imprisoned the Shoal and rekindled civilization on Androffa.5

Androffa and Golarion

In the years since Androffa's last great apocalypse, it has evolved into a world strikingly similar to Golarion itself, with even some of Golarion's own gods worshiped by its people.5

Meanwhile, on Golarion, the remnants of the Divinity have slowly awakened over the centuries after its crash. Androids, robots, artificial intelligences, and aliens the Divinity transported through the stars have grown more active in recent years.3


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