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Any vacuum or gas giant
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 209
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Oma1 are massive whales that live in outer space.2


A typical oma is 150 feet long and weighs 250 tons. In place of teeth, they have energy baleens which are used to filter food, and arcs of brilliant energy fill their mouth and roll down their body. They have two stomachs: one that digests food with acid and electricity, and one that is surprisingly habitable and serves to store digested food before excretion.23


Oma move on magical electromagnetic fields at incredible speeds and use their energy baleen to filter cosmic materials strained from planetary rings and atmospheres. Normally docile filter feeders, oma are also willing to swallow bigger foes and obstacles if necessary. Due to their surprisingly habitable second stomach, the Brethedans use oma as living starships, controlled via telepathy.23


  1. Oma acts as singular and plural.
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