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The Rune of Verces
Titles The Line
Type Planet
Diameter x 1
Mass x 1
Gravity x 1
Atmosphere Breathable
Orbit 3 years
Inhabitants Vercites
Satellites None
Images of Verces

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 20-23
Golarion's solar system.
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Verces, also called 'the Line', is the fifth planet from Golarion's sun and is tidally locked, with one side always facing the sun and the other is covered in eternal night. Only the thin terminator line between the two supports natural life. The rest of the planet is the domain of strange monsters.[1]


Verces' bright side, known as the Fullbright, is a single scorching desert hotter than any point on Golarion. Its icy Darkside is uninhabitably frigid.[2]

Rune representation

In scholarly works, Verces is sometimes represented by a rune: a circle with a vertical bar within it, presumably representing 'the Line'. Additionally there are two stubs attached to the circle: one to the top-left and another directly opposite on the bottom-right.[2]


The only race to inhabit the whole planet are the heavily regimented Vercites.

Other creatures residing on the planet are:[2]


The planet of Verces can be considered as three distinct areas:[2]

  • Darkside: the ice fields on the side of the planet facing forever away from the sun
  • Fullbright: the burning desert on the sun-facing side of the planet
  • The Ring of Nations, where most life exists. Civilized nations are ruled by the Grand Assembly of the Ring of Nations and kept at peace by the Stewards.

Some of the other notable places on Verces include:[2]

Connections to other planets

A series of teleportation stones links the Stewards' citadels together, but no known portals exist to other worlds. However, the Vercites are well versed in space travel via their aetherships and maintain an orbital settlement in Skydock.[2]


Verces has no known natural satellites, though it has at least one artificial satellite: the tethered city of Skydock.[2]