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The Rune of Apostae

The Messenger
x 1/5
Less than x 1/100
x 1/10
None (outside); breathable (inside)
243 years
Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 44-47
The Solar System.
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Apostae, the Messenger, is the tenth celestial body from Golarion's sun. It is distinguished by its unique, non-elliptical orbit practically perpendicular to that of Golarion. Although it appears to be the smallest planet in its solar system, Apostae is not a planet at all; it is a vast spaceship that was caught in the sun's orbit.12


Apostae is perceived from outside as a large, rocky asteroid devoid of life with two strange elements:

  • Several giant metal doors on the surface.
  • A series of portal arches that lead to other parts of the solar system, as well as a unique arch of mystery.2

Scholars also believe that there are portals on this planet that lead to places outside of its solar system.1

Unknown to most of the solar system's inhabitants, Apostae is a huge starship with a crew trapped inside.2

Rune representation

In scholarly works, Apostae is sometimes represented by a rune: a circle with four short stubs pointing outwards from it, with a cross placed diagonally over it. The upper right arm of the cross is slightly elongated.3


Areas of interest within the planet include:2


A strange 'race' called the Ilee lives in Apostae, scattered in 'tribes' across the interior world. Feral creatures lair in the Empty Lands, as well as constructs of unknown purpose; the most renowned of these constructs is Grandfather Stone. Nursing the Sleepers Below are small, crablike creatures.2


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