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Dahak's holy symbol
Type Comet
Adjective Cometary, cometic, cometical

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 50–51
See also: Asteroid and meteoroid

A comet is an icy small astronomical body that, when close enough to its star, displays a visible coma and sometimes also a tail.[1]

Near Golarion

In Golarion's solar system, comets are formed in the Ice Belt beyond Aucturn.[2]

In religion

Comets appear in the holy symbols of two deities and are often seen as a portentous by at least one other.

Holy symbols

  • Dahak: A fiery comet.
  • Pharasma: A comet whose tail trails out behind it to form a spiral.

Other references

  • Rovagug: Orc followers of Rovagug maintain that Gormuz is the name of the first of the spawn of Rovagug, and that the arrival of a dark comet will signify its return to life.[3]
  • Xhamen-Dor: After some calamity for the Great Old One Xhamen-Dor, it was imprisoned within a comet. This comet collided with Golarion after its trajectory was altered at the time of Earthfall.[4]