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Nation Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Region Ironbound Islands
Size Metropolis
Population 26,340
Demographics Humans (Ulfen), dwarves, half-orcs
Government Monarchy (Linnorm King)
Ruler Linnorm King White Estrid

Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 24f.

The city of Halgrim is the second largest settlement in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings; only Kalsgard is bigger. Located on the northwestern shore of Battlewall, one of the largest islands in the Ironbound Archipelago, Halgrim was founded by King Igarven in 2655 AR.[1] Today, it is ruled by the Linnorm King White Estrid from her palace. The Rustflow River flows out to the sea through Halgrim and, famously, seven bridges cross the river within the city. The city's defenses are greatly enhanced by the constant presence of White Astrid's linnorm thrall, Boiltongue.[2][3][4][5]


Imperial Cheliax attempted an invasion of Halgrim in 4402 AR, but the attacks are quickly repelled by local inhabitants. The single Chelish ship of survivors was sent back home with the pickled heads of their compatriots to serve as a lesson to the King.[6][7]

City districts

The following are the city districts of Halgrim:[8]


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