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Marudshar is an ancient, sand-worn, and supposedly cursed temple ruin in a steep canyon in the Brazen Peaks. The ruins of the temple consist of dozens of toppled pillars and many strange-looking statues that have had most of their recognizable features scoured off by the wind.

The site also includes the Path of the Traveler, which is a huge crumbling gateway carved with images of sphinx-like creatures, and the Sacrament of the Faithless, a 63-foot-tall pillar carved to look like it is made of writhing humans who have been turned to stone. What god was worshiped here is unknown; the area is not spoken of by locals, and curious visitors are deterred from their visit by a pack of lions that roam the valley.

While a normal lion would prove little discouragement to seasoned adventurers, these lions are different: they are an all-male pride, larger in number than a lion pride should be, they have completely black, soulless eyes, and they can speak to each other in some horrible, guttural language.[1]


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