Slither Cove

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Slither Cove

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 5

Once a reasonably prosperous village, Slither Cove is now nothing but a sinking ruin being rapidly consumed by the surrounding swamp. Slither Cove's current name comes from the wide variety of snakes, lizards, and other reptiles that now inhabit it.1


Slither Cove became the ruin it is today in 4697 AR, when the waters of the surrounding Vargas Swamp flooded the village. The flooding was permanent, and the villagers abandoned it to the encroaching swamp. Four years later in 4701 AR, rumours began to spread across Katapesh that the flood was no act of nature, but in fact a dark ritual to some foul deity that summoned the flood. This rituals were supposedly somehow linked to the statue known as the Creeping Watcher. The rumours stated that the village was flooded so that the villagers would abandon it, leaving the person who summoned the flood free to search for a mysterious treasure hidden beneath the village. Adventurers still often search Slither Cove for clues about the treasure; most return empty-handed, and some don't return at all, supposedly falling victim to the village's more ferocious reptile inhabitants.1