Brazen Peaks

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The Brazen Peaks, a mountain range in northern Garund, stretch from the Kho-Rarne Pass to the Obari Ocean, creating a natural border between the nations of Osirion and Katapesh.1


The tallest mountain of the range is Mount Osiki. The range also hosts the headwaters of both the Asp and Crook Rivers and is thus the source of most of the water in Osirion.1

Land near their foothills is believed by some to be the locus that birthed bronzeworking, although a number of metallurgists from other nations dispute that claim.2

The Eyes of the Bronze Man, twin mines, one drawing tin and the other copper, sit adjacent halfway up the side of one mountain the range.2 That mountain's face was later shaped into the likeness of Djederet I, under his direction and the mountain came to be known as the Face of the Bronze Man.2

Djederet I may have built an elaborate tomb deep within a played-out mine in this range, but that tomb, if it ever existed, has not been discovered, and he was buried elsewhere.2


An unusual number of ifrits hail from the Brazen Peaks area, a phenomenon possibly related to Xotani the Firebleeder, whose remains are held within these mountains.3


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