Obelisk Trail

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Trade is the very lifeblood of Katapesh, and the city of Katapesh itself is renowned as one of the greatest trade cities on Golarion, rival even to mighty Absalom. One of the most well-known overland trade routes is the Obelisk Trail.


While most of the trade comes from across the Obari Ocean, much also comes from across the land. Trade routes come from Osirion to the north, Nex to the south and the Mwangi Expanse to the west. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for a trading caravan to get lost in the trackless deserts of Katapesh, sandstorms burying trails in minutes. Many years ago, the Pactmasters commissioned dozens of black obelisks to be put up along the major trade routes to guide travelers. These obelisks are each 12 feet high and have the word "trail" carved into them in ten languages, although recently someone has written "death" in the Gnoll language on nearly half of them.1