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Nation Katapesh
Size Small town
Population 1,230

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 90, 92

A Pathfinder discovered an enormous set of catacombs beneath a ruined city of Ancient Osirion, in northern Katapesh. Adventurers came to the ruined city to explore the ancient tunnels and over time the small town of El-Fatar sprang up amidst the ruins. The intriguing artifacts discovered attracted many researchers and historians as well.[1][2][3]


Local residents trade primarily in the supplies most valuable to those that explore the catacombs, such as spelunking gear, maps and trail rations, as well as any relics, pottery or artifacts that the returning adventurers recover.

With the discovery of a third layer to the catacombs, it appears El-Fatar's economy will remain stable for the foreseeable future.[2]

Notable residents

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Ruther Fandaran the Unswervable is a Chelaxian man and leader of the adventuring group the Band of the Blazing Way. He is known to be obsessed with the riches that may be hidden in the local catacombs. Like all Band of Blazing Way members, Ruther wears an amulet of continual flame to demonstrate his fealty to the group.[2]

Aruna Riki, a Vudrani woman, leads her adventuring group, the Stars of the Earth. Aruna claims her primary interest in the treasures of the catacombs is research and hidden knowledge but does not hesitate to accept her share of financial rewards from artifacts recovered by her group.[2]


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