Serpent's Canyon

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Once a popular route for travellers seeking to cross the inhospitable Brazen Peaks from Osirion to Katapesh, Serpent's Canyon is now considered too dangerous to make an effective trade route. As trade has declined and the gnoll presence increased, all but a few nomads use Serpent's Canyon as a trade route, and even they do so swiftly and cautiously.

The canyon itself winds through the entire width of the Brazen Peaks from the deserts of Osirion to the Uwaga Highlands of Katapesh. The valley has steep, rocky sides and a sandy bottom. Winds howl through the canyon year-round but are particularly bad in the spring and autumn. The canyon floor is cool for most of the day, and the only time it gets hot is when the sunlight can reach the canyon's floor around midday.1


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